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About Caitlin
Caitlin Flood-Molyneux would consider herself a multidisciplinary artist as she refuses to stay in one style of working.


Caitlin has have been doing art since a young age and has studied in many different fields of art. Caitlin is a graduate of Fine Art from Cardiff Metropolitan, her Degree has been a collage of different experiences as she moved from Abstract Ceramic Sculptures to studying Fine Art in the Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway where she also lived for a year - where her love of abstract landscape painting grew stronger. For her final year of her degree she came back to Cardiff where she explored transforming collages into paintings, after meeting with award winning artist Dexter Dalwood in Norway who helped her to explore new ways of painting.


Caitlin's current work is exploring re-contextualisation through collage and transferring it through the medium of oil painting. Caitlin starts her process by making small collages using her own and found imagery. The main focus of these collages revolve around combining different forms and shapes. These forms are built up from experimenting with landscape, human form, text and pattern to create new ideas for paintings. Caitlin explores new visuals and ideologies in her paintings by using traditional methods such as oil painting and using contemporary methods such as collage to challenge and explore different ways of painting and what painting can be.

Caitlin has a very energetic style and is influenced by nature and landscapes which is prominent in her work.


Since finishing her Degree she has been in a few exhibitions across Wales.

02920 212384 | Mon - Fri | 11.30 AM - 5.00 PM 

177 Malefant street, Cardiff, CF24 4QG
Company No 09104486.